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Just wondering…
March 31, 2009

Why is it that we here in America are trying to ease our guilt toward blacks by elevating people of color, regardless of what is inside those individuals. 

For example…

Tiger Woods – everyone is so consumed with gushing over his “greatness”, yet he continually demonstrates how much of a self-centered, condescending person he is (if it was any arena other than golf  he would be the poster child of a poor sport, but since he is the only black, everyone is “accepting” of his outbursts, etc.). 

Or Oprah, the darling of TV (and most women), who is this power-seeking mystic, driven to lead as many as she can astray. 

And perhaps the greatest example, President Obama, who was able to deceived so many into believing HE could give them hope…only to now be showing his true self…someone willing to sell out everything for their own “greater good”,  which in reality is very disturbing.

This is what I call Hyper-Racism.  Our fear of being labeled something has led us to idolize anyone of another race, regardless, just so we can  “fit” in with society.  Not the way to be united…it is so fake.


What about this incident in Texas where the policeman is being vilified for his treatment toward the football player and others heading to the hospital?  Didn’t the guy break the law?  Don’t give me this “it was only rolling through a stop light” or “he was in a crisis” excuses. 

We have gotten so misguided in our actions that there are now degrees of responsibility and accountability.  Did the policeman overreact? Probably, but knowing what they have to deal with daily, I would think he would get the benefit of doubt versus someone who broke the law (a criminal) . 

It is amazing to watch us slide further down the slope….come Lord Jesus.


In the beginning…
March 29, 2009

all was created and it was good. 

Since then, we have done all we can to ruin what was a perfect place and have made it the fallen world we live in today.  Our selfish desires and prideful pursuits continue to send us down the path of destruction.

In the midst of this there is hope…(which people obviously long for, especially after you look at the results of our most recent national election here in America).  

The only real answer is (just like it always will be) that hope can only come from the One that possesses ALL things, the One who created ALL things – God Almighty. 

Pursue Him through the Savior of all – Jesus Christ.  It’s easy, just sincerely cry out to Him, He promises to answer (although it may not be in a way we thought). 

He loves you!!! (and so do I)