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The key to life…
November 9, 2011

can be only found by doing what is covered in our next video message.

As these messages are being developed, we pray that you take the words seriously and press forward in relationship with God.  His plan has always been for us to be in relationship with Him.  It is the only thing truly worth living for.

Next we will discuss why this is the only way to be in relationship with the only true God, the Creator of heaven and earth and all that is in it.



Have we missed another opportunity?
June 7, 2011

Lately my thoughts have been directed to the multiple times we receive instruction and yet are so quick to let it pass right on by.

The latest example that so clearly points this out, to me at least, is the issue with cicadas here in the heartland of America.  Over and over I am hearing people grumbling and complaining about this unique creation, and am reminded of the Israelites and their “journey”.  Everything that came their way they ultimately criticized instead of enjoying it somehow. 

My initial reaction was the same I must admit, but thank God that changed to an understanding that the sound they make and the general presence of something that most deem “gross” and “disgusting” is no different than how we fall into the trap of looking at people the same way…sure we don’t think that we do but this “lesson” shows that if we don’t embrace ALL of God’s creation then we can not truly love all that He loves. When we show disdain for His creation it represents a major insult to the Creator.

He has worked in me such an appreciation for this poor little insect that now I look forward to its songs of praise as much as anything.  Sitting on the deck today with the cicadas, birds and other assorted “worshippers” was a much more welcomed sound that the ones of man (and woman)…planes, trains and automobiles.

May our appreciation for all that God creates grow from this lesson and our way of looking at things be changed by this.


Year in review/looking ahead….
December 29, 2010

As we come to the conclusion of one year and the start of another, what better time to ponder what has taken place while looking forward to what can be expected.

I am one that refuses to dwell upon the past and instead will expectantly look for the opportunities yet to come.  In the midst of this, I try to live this life to the fullest…making an impact in whatever way that presents itself.  Too often I see (and am sure you do as well) people who are living in the past, trying to change what has already occurred and if not that (or even sometimes along with that – ouch) there are those that spend so much time dreaming about what’s to come they just wait for something to happen.  For someone who has big dreams I know plenty about the delay that can come with everything unfolding…but that doesn’t mean we should be incapacitated until it does manifest.

With the end of 2010 approaching it has been obvious (to me at least) that this past year has been full of shifting and shaking.  SHIFT was the word that really resonated not just for me but also for society in general (see previous blog post from 1/18/2010 titled Happy New Year!!!).  We saw an economic shift, a shift in the makeup of America politically, the earth underwent a major seismic shift…just to name a few (and those alone were quite significant).  I know my life (and the lives of those around me) also experienced this as well.  In retrospect though these were all not just hard but I believe a necessary part of getting society to where we need to be.

Which leads me to 2011.  For me the coming year can be summed up in a word and that word is LAUNCH.  Again this can be applied many ways…launch out in a new endeavor, launch an offensive, launch like a rocket, etc.  The objective is to find how it fits personally and then collectively.  I am convinced that the new year will bring many fresh and exciting things to those who are positioned properly. 

That means have the right foundation (Jesus) and being devoted to advancing His kingdom, not your own.  This could be that moment when you begin to seek Him and His perfect plan for you.  Now that is something to launch…;-) a quest to know the savior for ALL mankind!! 

Whatever this coming year brings, I intend to live in a manner worthy of the calling I have in Christ Jesus the Lord and hope you do as well.


Media crediblity and WikiLeaks…
December 6, 2010

With so much of the news today being focused on this WikiLeaks issue, it would be appropriate to discuss the role media has within society. 

The growth of the Internet and technology in general has created this great debate over what is now considered news/reporting/journalism.  With the ability to connect quickly and hide behind the computer (for the most part) the way we get our “news” and the variety of sources from where that “news” comes from has changed dramatically.  Combined with the polarization of society into the left/right and there are now targeted sources for “news” that are biased toward specific political persuasions. 

Whether it’s CNN or FOX, Huffington Post or Rush Limbaugh, the accuracy is totally based upon the receiver of this information.  This in itself show that the credibility of our “news” is so tainted, that to accept the information being given is foolishness.  Yet the vast majority of people in this nation are doing just that…and passionately fight to support it whether it is actually true or not.

Then we get something like this WikiLeaks and people are enraged because the truth is being brought forth.  I am in NO WAY condoning the manner in which this information was obtain, but I found it ironic that reliable, credible information is being released…yet the spotlight is turned on the ones who have done the necessary work in bringing this forth. 

Isn’t that what reporting is all about…I mean were Woodward and Bernstein vilified?  Running for their lives?  Maybe they were, but I seem to remember that the real problems that were revealed through their work were the ones being held accountable.

Nowadays the focus is more on putting out “news” that supports positions (an if you buck the system, watch out).  We as a people are facing many challenges these days, let’s not compromise our expectations for those that we look to for insight into current events/happenings. 

Let us uphold a true standard of righteousness!!

Pre-Election Prediction…
October 27, 2010

or prognostication or prophecy…call it what you want, but here is what will take place on Tuesday as we the people exercise our right (and responsiblity) to vote.

Much will be made of the “wave of change”, in reality though nothing will change. One side will claim this, while the other will rationalize that…

Make no mistake, we as a society will continue this back and forth until WE the people implement real change in our lives.

The political system is corrupt, government is NEVER going to fix things, and for us to think so is extremely foolish. At one time it may have been a vehicle to assist in that, but with the enormous amounts of money involved now, forget about it.

Let me give you an example of what I mean…here in the area I reside with my family there is a contest for the office of County Executive (which consists of being the overseer for 91 municipalities, cities with their own mayors/councils and such). In the course of this campaign the issue of speeding cameras has come up, with the Chief of the county police railing against one of the municipalities implementing them, part of his rational was that, “well sometimes people are running late for work” as though this is an acceptable reason to BREAK THE LAW. And what did we hear from the one who is ultimately this guys boss (the current County Executive, who is running for re-election)? Nothing…and the possible successor, his opponent in this election…ditto.

No politician is willing to stand for righteousness, unless they receive something in return…and that compromise isn’t something we can count on to get us back to the firm foundation this country was founded upon.

Does that mean it is a waste to exercise the right to vote? Aboslutely…NOT. For one, the amount of sacrifice that was given by others for us to have this right is enough to keep going. Combined with the fact that we will all be held accountable for how we lived this life, that should be enough motivation for everyone to get out and vote.

The key is how you should actually be thinking when you do vote…I firmly believe it is our responsiblity to vote based upon what is right period and that is where things get messy. Too many people are basing their decision on “electability” or deceptive promises of the candidate (and political party) that happen to touch upon beliefs that the person voting finds important. This, in my opinion, is because so many don’t have a real foundation for righteousness, their opinion is swayed by feelings and emotions primarily because there isn’t anything to hold fast to or they aren’t discerning enough to recognize the “fleecing”.

For me personally the process of voting has become quite simple, don’t listen to the rhetoric, but instead listen to the Creator. This way I KNOW I am doing what is right.

If you struggle with being able to hear or tell whether or not you are hearing Him let me know.


Ask Not…
September 16, 2010

It’s been roughly 50 years since that memorable question became a part of our nation. Back then it was a time defined by hard working, devoted people committed to helping each other.

Oh, how the fabric of this nation has changed…it is time to bring back the pioneering spirit that this nation was once famous for — no longer settling for just getting by.

For too long, we the people have been asked to shoulder the load, all the while the government, media, education system, etc. continue to destroy everything we have worked so hard to achieve.

It has become all to obvious that government (at every level) is now being driven not by what you know, but who you know…creating this total disconnect between it and the ones it supposedly serves.

Have we as a people, lowered our expectation for those that have been given these positions of authority? Are we as a people too dependent on others? What about this wave of entitlement that has engulfed America?

It’s been said that “if you aren’t growing, you are dying”…we as a country, region and community are in dire need of leadership that brings forth ideas and a clear prespective to break us out of the bondage we are in currently.

Do we really expect that this type of leadership can be found in the current political environment? It is clear that it (along with every other area of society) has become corrupt, misguided and self focused.

So if any significant change is going to occur, it must happen by…

Individuals that are willing to stand…not afraid of stepping forward and accepting responsiblity to take their place in making wrong things right.

While that may seem like it will take a miracle…guess what?

I know of a true miracle worker…now is the time we turn to HIM.


America’s demise?
June 2, 2010

Lately there have been choices in which, we as a nation, have made and in turn are moving us down the path of destruction.

First we have become a society that is driven by the thought of collectivism…that government knows what is best. We are now so dependent upon this system (that is broken and corrupt, no less) that lives are self-centered – filled with the mindset of entitlement. What’s in it for me??

Next is our willingness to compromise…as opposed to being a people with solid convictions (core beliefs that refuse to compromise, no matter what the cost). Without this we can see the results…a society where everything goes, because we need to be tolerant of others.

Finally, instead of showing courage (doing what is right regardless of how you feel) we are now a nation filled with cowards…next time on the road watch all those that cruise along at whatever speed and manner they desire and how they respond to seeing a police car. When present, law abiding citizens…once out of range…back to anarchy.

This message is intended to bring forth a warning…even though it is sobering, there is still hope. We must lay down our pride – humble ourselves, turn from our selfish, sinful ways and cry out to the only One that can really do anything. He WILL hear and answer.


Monthly blog…
February 17, 2010

is where this has gone, at least for the time being. When I began this I would have thought these would have been more frequent.

That is the thing about life, regardless of our intentions, the natural inclination is to take on all we can, and then realize what is really important. In turn that will receive the attention.

We continue to move along at this rapid pace and during this we are given plenty of opportunities to focus on what matters most. I wonder though if we really understand what matters most? There is no doubt that family and friends are at the top of that list…relationships are key. We are all “wired” to be connected.

Ironically there is a big push to disconnect this critical part of our lives. It is no coincidence that the wedge between people has become more obvious, and instead of having a spirit of reconciliation, there is this deep level of division that has taken root.

I believe that even though we all recognize the importance of relationships, we have lost the sense of how to cultivate them. Instead of what we bring to them, we focus on what we get from them. One is outwardly driven, the other inward. Instead of hearing, we want to be heard.

I desire to model the greatest example who ever lived and live a life of helping others reach their destiny and in turn, will then fufill mine.


Happy New Year!!!
January 18, 2010

Yeah, I know it is already eighteen days into 2010…so the timing of this post reflects my view of where blogging fits within my set of priorities. Nevertheless, it is a part of what I believe I should be doing with my life so here we are…

It is important that I share a real prompting of things that are right before us.

Entering into the new year I couldn’t get away from the word SHIFT…and in turn, ways in which that word applied to my life, and life in general.

There are some obvious ones like how gears SHIFT (either up, to build momentum, or down, to ease the speed being traveled); there is a SHIFT in roles, a SHIFT in thinking (aka Paradigm SHIFT) and perhaps the most applicable, thus far in the year, a siesmic SHIFT. In the midst of the tragedy in Haiti, I believe we are going to have another major SHIFT of the earth soon (like the next couple of weeks).

There is also a real SHIFT of power taking place…that most aren’t even aware of, and can be best described by the acrostic Supernatural Help Is Fully Transferred. So depending upon who you serve, that can be incredible news, or an even more sobering news of what to expect.

As one serving the Lord Jesus this means that ALL authority has been given to me…by with One with authority over ALL of heaven and earth!!

I encourage anyone reading this to look at the seriousness of the times we live in, with a real sense of urgency, and make sure you are on the right side of “the aisle”. It would be an honor for me to help with this, if you would like.

Personally, this year is already unfolding into another season of seeing how awesome God is and how much He wants me (and you) to be part of what He has planned!!


Post Thanksgiving…
November 28, 2009

Out in the craziness on this “Black Friday” it occurred to me how ironic it is to refer to the day after Thanksgiving in such an appropriate manner. If it wasn’t so sad it would make great comedy…people racing from here to there in pursuit of – “such great deals”, “the perfect gift”, “to get something before they are all gone”, etc.

When did it become so necessary to live our lives in this manner? Seems like too often society has convinced us that you have to shower others with “stuff” in order to win their approval, to be fulfilled and so the masses do whatever it takes to try and accomplish this – BUT the darkness and heaviness that weighs people down is never more obvious than during this time of year.

I believe that this year (and 2010) a shift is going to take place…from materialism and the selfishness that comes with it, to a true sense of contentment (regardlesss of circumstances) and selflessness.

True freedom and deliverance is coming forth to those who desire it! Seek and you will find, ask and you SHALL recieve….