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Time to dump…
May 7, 2010

all of this stuff that has been either on my mind or archived in my notepad over the past few months. Hope it isn’t too scattered.

Often today we see a clear avoidance toward taking responsibility. We never grow without accepting our part. Start with choosing not to blame circumstances for the outcome of your life. Choose to go beyond your natural talent and tap into strength that is beyond you. It is critical to make wise decisions repeatedly, and many times that can only happen with wise counsel. It requires discipline to stay on the path to your potential and achieve your destiny.

“In this world it is not what we take up, but what we give up, that makes us rich.”~ Henry Ward Beecher

Someone once said that you and I might be the only Bible someone ever reads, so we need to be something worth reading! God calls every workplace believer to model four key attributes: 1) Excellence, 2) Ethics and Integrity, 3) Extravagant Love and Service, and 4) Signs and Wonders.

Life is often lived forward, but understood backward. When they formed the Constitution, the states delegated 17 powers – and no more – to the central government. Those powers are listed in Article I, Section 8. Since Congress has only the powers granted to it by the states, if a power is not listed in Article I, Section 8, Congress and the president have no legitimate authority to act. Every other “power,” or right to act, is reserved to the states by the 10th Amendment.

In 1900, government at all levels — federal, state and local — took about 7 percent of America’s income. Today it’s almost 40 percent. Both party‚Äôs solution to everything is to spend money and grow government. Neither party represents the people. The politicians represent special interest groups, their party, and their own career.

We are an activity-based society that often encourages more and more activity, often in the name of Christian virtue. Billy Graham once said…95% of today’s church activities would continue if the Holy Spirit were removed from us. In the early church 95% of all her activities would have stopped if the Holy Spirit were removed.

So often many of us enter a relationship with God that brings us salvation. This is the gospel of salvation. But what God really desires for us is to experience the gospel of the Kingdom. He wants us to experience His power and presence every day of our lives and to see His hand at work in us. This only happens when we give Him the key to our life; He must be more than an honored guest.

Believe that’s enough for now…