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My heart is broken…
February 3, 2013

During this current season I am in, this is the best way to describe how it is going.

Whenever I have told others this, I either get the sympathy expression or in some cases even a look of disbelief. Granted the description has it’s own set of built in conditions that go along with using it but for me it sums up what I am dealing with most accurately….allow me to explain.

Whether it is in my walk with the Lord, my relationship with my wife, as part of the body of Christ or the world as a whole, in each of those areas my heart breaks. Each in it’s own distinct way and all in a manner that is incredibly healthy.

How can one’s heart breaking be a good thing you ask? For me it is growing me is such a dramtic way toward each of those areas…

Between the Lord and I there has been a new level of trust and confidence that is positioning me for all He has planned. While at the same time moving me past a desire for things of this world…even though He has promised certain things to me.

In my marriage it has brought forth a greater appreciation for the incredible gift I have received. This has helped me to treasure my wife more instead of trying to make her something else.

With regard to the fellow believers, I know am starting to really understand the dynamic of what it was like when Jesus began building “the church”. And if He could focus on the main thing, so could I.

And as for the world in general, the revelation about people and the amount of supernatural influence we face at all times has energized me in such a way that the kingdom of darkness dreads. Every second counts and every soul matters.

So as you can see this has put me in such a great place and gives me such passion and zeal to be even more hungry for His righteousness!!

To think that this all started from a cry in me for God to “break my heart for what breaks Yours”…which ironically we have been singing at Destiny lately. Only difference is now that’s a smile on my face when I hear it because I’ve seen how He responds.

In awe of Your goodness and faithfulness…I absolutely adore You Jesus.