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The power of God
April 21, 2017

Lately on this journey we call life it has become apparent that we who proclaim Jesus as Lord aren’t walking in the fullness He desires…and sacrificed all for us to have.

The Maker of heaven and earth, who rules and reigns over all, has passed along that power and authority to every one of His followers. Yet with that being the case, why does it seem as though darkness and evil continue to thrive? Sure it’s suppose to, but the victory we are to walk in is not supposed to take such a back seat.

I look around…the lawlessness, rebellion, hatred, etc. that is so prevalent in society is at times overwhelming. That isn’t the way it has to be…however it is up to everyone who declares they are a Christian to walk in the power of God. To me there appears to be one primary thing holding most back from doing that. It is modeling one thing that Jesus demonstrated in His time here on earth…something I think most of us are missing.

While many would think that would be the signs, wonders and miracles He performed (Lord knows that is the pursuit of most believers these days), I have been drawn to the continual examples of what it was like to encounter God in the flesh. The best I can come up with is…people were STUNNED.

In looking at every account recorded of Jesus’ life, over and over people would be taken to this place of awe in what Jesus would say and/or do. Think about it…the way He confronted the mob wanting to stone the women caught in adultery, the response to the disciples about the masses needing to be fed, the woman at the well, the rich ruler, the lawyer trying to set a trap, Nicodemus, Pontius Pilate, the list goes on and on. There never has, and never will be, any other like Him…yet the whole goal of God’s work in us is to make us just like that.

And if there is one thing that this world needs today, especially here in America, is to be STUNNED by the power that can only come from those truly walking under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

There seems to be one main problem with this taking place. It is what I call the “pendulum effect”…where the world has conditioned us to sway toward one end of the spectrum or the other. The result is now we have allow ourselves to be pressured to “walk in love”, that we have left out the willingness to boldly speak the Truth. This results in backing down when things get close to being difficult.

Go back and really put yourself in the examples I mentioned earlier (or the many others not mentioned) and you can’t get away from the impact Jesus had…by doing both.

For me the question that has been resonating in my spirit is…”Have those you are ┬ácoming in contact with been STUNNED by the encounter with you?” If so, I’m convinced that the world will know that Christ dwells within me.