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The middle ground…
August 12, 2009

is something that doesn’t exist.  As much as people desire to get along, the truth is we are divided as a nation.  The current debate about health care is just another indication of this.

Sadly the words of Jesus, about a house that is divided will not stand, is what comes to mind (for me at least). 

Don’t get me wrong I don’t mean to suggest we, as followers of Christ, should compromise.  Rather we should take this opportunity to engage society in the topic(s) at hand in order to lead them to THE answer.  In doing so, we must look to Him as our guide on how this is done…i.e. with compassion and an understanding of how much they are loved. 

This to me is honestly the hardest thing, for I always want to be right and prove my point.  He is teaching me to help others see what is right without making them feel shame but instead giving them hope…if that makes sense.   I still need ALOT of help! 

Desiring that Jesus be glorified in all I say and do…