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“Deployed” into the war…
July 20, 2009

is how I now view my life, on a daily basis (actually moment by moment).  While it may not look like what we are accustom to seeing when we talk about war, it is a much more serious, hostile environment and the stakes will never be higher.

The bottom line is that the meaning of life is all about which side you are on.  And make no mistake, the choosing of sides is the most important decision we will EVER make.

So in this “battle” called life which side do you choose?

Good or evil?

True freedom or bondage to this world?

Victory or defeat?

Joy or sorrow?

For me the answer is clear…no more chasing the deceptive promises of this fallen world.  And no more holding back in taking on Satan and his legion of minions.  They have stolen, destroyed and killed enough for me to finally get fully engaged!

I am Willing to Stand

advancing the Kingdom of  THE Lord Jesus Christ!!!


July 5, 2009

is such a wonderful thing to have. 

As this country celebrates our independence, it is my prayer that we would all understand what true freedom really is.  The liberties we enjoy here in America are great, but as we are seeing they can also be easily taken from us.

I encourage all that view this post to receive the only freedom that is worth pursuing…freedom in Jesus Christ.  The joy that comes with this, along with knowing you no longer are a slave to the things of this world (and thereby truly free to live), is priceless.

The Founding Fathers of America knew this needed to be a foundation in their lives (at least most of them did), along with being a critical starting point for our country to survive and thrive. 

Oh, how we have strayed from that mindset…

Praying that America returns to its’ biblical heritage!!