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Ask Not…
September 16, 2010

It’s been roughly 50 years since that memorable question became a part of our nation. Back then it was a time defined by hard working, devoted people committed to helping each other.

Oh, how the fabric of this nation has changed…it is time to bring back the pioneering spirit that this nation was once famous for — no longer settling for just getting by.

For too long, we the people have been asked to shoulder the load, all the while the government, media, education system, etc. continue to destroy everything we have worked so hard to achieve.

It has become all to obvious that government (at every level) is now being driven not by what you know, but who you know…creating this total disconnect between it and the ones it supposedly serves.

Have we as a people, lowered our expectation for those that have been given these positions of authority? Are we as a people too dependent on others? What about this wave of entitlement that has engulfed America?

It’s been said that “if you aren’t growing, you are dying”…we as a country, region and community are in dire need of leadership that brings forth ideas and a clear prespective to break us out of the bondage we are in currently.

Do we really expect that this type of leadership can be found in the current political environment? It is clear that it (along with every other area of society) has become corrupt, misguided and self focused.

So if any significant change is going to occur, it must happen by…

Individuals that are willing to stand…not afraid of stepping forward and accepting responsiblity to take their place in making wrong things right.

While that may seem like it will take a miracle…guess what?

I know of a true miracle worker…now is the time we turn to HIM.