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Post Thanksgiving…
November 28, 2009

Out in the craziness on this “Black Friday” it occurred to me how ironic it is to refer to the day after Thanksgiving in such an appropriate manner. If it wasn’t so sad it would make great comedy…people racing from here to there in pursuit of – “such great deals”, “the perfect gift”, “to get something before they are all gone”, etc.

When did it become so necessary to live our lives in this manner? Seems like too often society has convinced us that you have to shower others with “stuff” in order to win their approval, to be fulfilled and so the masses do whatever it takes to try and accomplish this – BUT the darkness and heaviness that weighs people down is never more obvious than during this time of year.

I believe that this year (and 2010) a shift is going to take place…from materialism and the selfishness that comes with it, to a true sense of contentment (regardlesss of circumstances) and selflessness.

True freedom and deliverance is coming forth to those who desire it! Seek and you will find, ask and you SHALL recieve….



These are exciting times…
November 9, 2009

that also requires caution (wisdom and discernment).

The reason I say that is because even as we see principled-driven election results from this past Tuesday (i.e. Virginia/New Jersey governor races, along with Maine regarding same-sex marriages) and a resounding amount of support to exclude abortions from the House version of the healthcare bill, it is critical that we maintain a clear focus on the “big picture”.

That means we cannot to be deceived into thinking that the battle is won/over. We continue to face attempts to pull us down pathways of compromise and while we experience victories is some areas, there is much more ground to be taken back from those with a humanist view.

My sense of a need to be cautious comes from continually seeing believers focus on a single issue and allowing the overall landscape of society to change in the midst of that…for every stand against abortion comes a homosexual agenda or an expansion of government trying to rule over us or an effort to silence anyone from speaking out about certain issues or even a “war against terror” that ultimately distracts us from advancing God’s Kingdom (sometimes even masked under the guise of being to advance His will).

This past weekend, for me, was filled with a renewed understanding of the battle being waged and how it is crucial for us to stand in “such a time as this”. Words brought forth from Lou Engle (founder of The Call) and Tammy Rittering (Director of the Gateway House of Prayer) about the need to rebuild the wall to hold back this wave of immorality, how we need to become wall builders (like the ones Nehemiah raised up) is a message that the Lord is sending out across this land and throughout the Church.

The key is to become an army of prayer warriors, committed to sacrificially coming against the powers and principalities that are trying to lead this nation and it’s citizens down the path of destruction.

Rise up followers of Christ, devote yourselves to a life of intercessory prayer, fasting and worship – pursuing the Lord with all you have!!!

I am willing to stand, are you?