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How to vote…
January 18, 2016

Having a clear mandate to not overdue these blog posts, it has been some time since last one. However, it appears that on the day we honor such a true American hero, the time is right to put forth what has been stirring.

As we move full speed into the election season, it is evident the body of Christ continues to be so easily deceived. So many leaders of various Christian minstries, churches, etc. are in an absolutely frenzy regarding Trump and willing to do whatever means necessary to ensure he isn’t the Republican nominee (including spewing very unChrist-like rhetoric publically via social media).

First and foremost, this isn’t intended to suggest that we should support Trump, however I do believe that we need to be ok with the idea that he in fact could be just what God desires for the office of President (for a number of reasons).

This post is intended to awaken true believers to the reality that the Republican party has absolutely no evidence of truly being concerned about Christian values/principles…you can tell by their fruit. Since being deceived into electing GWB, until this very day, the Republican party has used the name of Christ to manipulate and coerce. The idea that so many Christian “leaders” continue to fall for this is another sign of how far the church is off-track.

“If the church does not recapture it’s prophetic zeal, it will become an irrelevant social club without moral or spiritual authority.” #MLK – sounds like what the church in America today is actually dealing with…

And save the unbiblical position of either not voting at all, or by voting 3rd party (i.e. Constitution Party, which has all core values Christians look for, and free of the corruption within the Republican party) you are “wasting” your vote…letting other party win. That is not truly trusting God, and thereby compromising your principles in the vain attempt to dictate a desired outcome.

It’s time for true followers of Christ to show the discerment which is necessary to navigate through the last days…and clearly see following a political party which over and over shows to be an agent of darkness is part of that.

Break free from the deception…