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Pre-Election Prediction…
October 27, 2010

or prognostication or prophecy…call it what you want, but here is what will take place on Tuesday as we the people exercise our right (and responsiblity) to vote.

Much will be made of the “wave of change”, in reality though nothing will change. One side will claim this, while the other will rationalize that…

Make no mistake, we as a society will continue this back and forth until WE the people implement real change in our lives.

The political system is corrupt, government is NEVER going to fix things, and for us to think so is extremely foolish. At one time it may have been a vehicle to assist in that, but with the enormous amounts of money involved now, forget about it.

Let me give you an example of what I mean…here in the area I reside with my family there is a contest for the office of County Executive (which consists of being the overseer for 91 municipalities, cities with their own mayors/councils and such). In the course of this campaign the issue of speeding cameras has come up, with the Chief of the county police railing against one of the municipalities implementing them, part of his rational was that, “well sometimes people are running late for work” as though this is an acceptable reason to BREAK THE LAW. And what did we hear from the one who is ultimately this guys boss (the current County Executive, who is running for re-election)? Nothing…and the possible successor, his opponent in this election…ditto.

No politician is willing to stand for righteousness, unless they receive something in return…and that compromise isn’t something we can count on to get us back to the firm foundation this country was founded upon.

Does that mean it is a waste to exercise the right to vote? Aboslutely…NOT. For one, the amount of sacrifice that was given by others for us to have this right is enough to keep going. Combined with the fact that we will all be held accountable for how we lived this life, that should be enough motivation for everyone to get out and vote.

The key is how you should actually be thinking when you do vote…I firmly believe it is our responsiblity to vote based upon what is right period¬†and that is where things get messy. Too many people are basing their decision on “electability” or deceptive promises of the candidate (and political party) that happen to touch upon beliefs that the person voting finds important. This, in my opinion, is because so many don’t have a real foundation for righteousness, their opinion is swayed by feelings and emotions primarily because there isn’t anything to hold fast to or they aren’t discerning enough to recognize the “fleecing”.

For me personally the process of voting has become quite simple, don’t listen to the rhetoric, but instead listen to the Creator. This way I KNOW I am doing what is right.

If you struggle with being able to hear or tell whether or not you are hearing Him let me know.