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America’s demise?
June 2, 2010

Lately there have been choices in which, we as a nation, have made and in turn are moving us down the path of destruction.

First we have become a society that is driven by the thought of collectivism…that government knows what is best. We are now so dependent upon this system (that is broken and corrupt, no less) that lives are self-centered – filled with the mindset of entitlement. What’s in it for me??

Next is our willingness to compromise…as opposed to being a people with solid convictions (core beliefs that refuse to compromise, no matter what the cost). Without this we can see the results…a society where everything goes, because we need to be tolerant of others.

Finally, instead of showing courage (doing what is right regardless of how you feel) we are now a nation filled with cowards…next time on the road watch all those that cruise along at whatever speed and manner they desire and how they respond to seeing a police car. When present, law abiding citizens…once out of range…back to anarchy.

This message is intended to bring forth a warning…even though it is sobering, there is still hope. We must lay down our pride – humble ourselves, turn from our selfish, sinful ways and cry out to the only One that can really do anything. He WILL hear and answer.