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February 17, 2010

is where this has gone, at least for the time being. When I began this I would have thought these would have been more frequent.

That is the thing about life, regardless of our intentions, the natural inclination is to take on all we can, and then realize what is really important. In turn that will receive the attention.

We continue to move along at this rapid pace and during this we are given plenty of opportunities to focus on what matters most. I wonder though if we really understand what matters most? There is no doubt that family and friends are at the top of that list…relationships are key. We are all “wired” to be connected.

Ironically there is a big push to disconnect this critical part of our lives. It is no coincidence that the wedge between people has become more obvious, and instead of having a spirit of reconciliation, there is this deep level of division that has taken root.

I believe that even though we all recognize the importance of relationships, we have lost the sense of how to cultivate them. Instead of what we bring to them, we focus on what we get from them. One is outwardly driven, the other inward. Instead of hearing, we want to be heard.

I desire to model the greatest example who ever lived and live a life of helping others reach their destiny and in turn, will then fufill mine.