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Happy New Year!!!
January 18, 2010

Yeah, I know it is already eighteen days into 2010…so the timing of this post reflects my view of where blogging fits within my set of priorities. Nevertheless, it is a part of what I believe I should be doing with my life so here we are…

It is important that I share a real prompting of things that are right before us.

Entering into the new year I couldn’t get away from the word SHIFT…and in turn, ways in which that word applied to my life, and life in general.

There are some obvious ones like how gears SHIFT (either up, to build momentum, or down, to ease the speed being traveled); there is a SHIFT in roles, a SHIFT in thinking (aka Paradigm SHIFT) and perhaps the most applicable, thus far in the year, a siesmic SHIFT. In the midst of the tragedy in Haiti, I believe we are going to have another major SHIFT of the earth soon (like the next couple of weeks).

There is also a real SHIFT of power taking place…that most aren’t even aware of, and can be best described by the acrostic Supernatural Help Is Fully Transferred. So depending upon who you serve, that can be incredible news, or an even more sobering news of what to expect.

As one serving the Lord Jesus this means that ALL authority has been given to me…by with One with authority over ALL of heaven and earth!!

I encourage anyone reading this to look at the seriousness of the times we live in, with a real sense of urgency, and make sure you are on the right side of “the aisle”. It would be an honor for me to help with this, if you would like.

Personally, this year is already unfolding into another season of seeing how awesome God is and how much He wants me (and you) to be part of what He has planned!!