Have we missed another opportunity?
June 7, 2011

Lately my thoughts have been directed to the multiple times we receive instruction and yet are so quick to let it pass right on by.

The latest example that so clearly points this out, to me at least, is the issue with cicadas here in the heartland of America.  Over and over I am hearing people grumbling and complaining about this unique creation, and am reminded of the Israelites and their “journey”.  Everything that came their way they ultimately criticized instead of enjoying it somehow. 

My initial reaction was the same I must admit, but thank God that changed to an understanding that the sound they make and the general presence of something that most deem “gross” and “disgusting” is no different than how we fall into the trap of looking at people the same way…sure we don’t think that we do but this “lesson” shows that if we don’t embrace ALL of God’s creation then we can not truly love all that He loves. When we show disdain for His creation it represents a major insult to the Creator.

He has worked in me such an appreciation for this poor little insect that now I look forward to its songs of praise as much as anything.  Sitting on the deck today with the cicadas, birds and other assorted “worshippers” was a much more welcomed sound that the ones of man (and woman)…planes, trains and automobiles.

May our appreciation for all that God creates grow from this lesson and our way of looking at things be changed by this.



Here’s the solution…
January 22, 2011

If you are searching for answers to all the chaos and confusion that is so prevalent in our world today, there is hope!

Whether it is questions about all of the animals mysteriously dying, or the continued occurrences of violence taking place, or maybe the devastation of flooding/mudslides/earthquakes?  Don’t forget the looming economic collapse that is about to hit America.

We are in the midst of being judged for our turning from God.  After starting out with our eyes fixed on His plans and purposes for us as a nation, we have ignored every opportunity to follow His desires, and instead are going down the path of destruction which is always motivated by selfishness

If there is one quality our nation has embrace more than any other, it is the pursuit of our own desires (i.e. selfishness).  Desires for stuff (material possessions), pleasure (sexual lusts), indulgence (food and drink) are creating the dysfunction that comes with such pursuits.

We are reaping what we sow.

And this is just the tip of that iceberg…don’t forget our callousness toward the value of life (over 52 million wiped out, with the vast majority of them being ended due to the “inconvenience” they present).  It’s ironic how the “news” organizations have been woefully quiet about the “health clinic” in Pennsylvania where the butchering that happened is truly tragic.  Yet the outrage and media coverage that focuses on a deranged lunatic is on 24/7??

We are reaping what we sow.

All very sobering if you are willing to look at things taking place, but sadly most will brush aside.  Buying into the lie of people like Oprah or our current President and the rest who are selling a false meaning of hope. 

There is only one TRUE hope for us!  His name is Jesus and if people don’t turn to Him they will be sentenced for their rebellion.

This is your chance…cry out to Jesus, admit you have chased after the things of this world, sought joy and happiness in temporary pleasures, that you desire to be forgiven and want Him to save you.

It’s your only hope…


Year in review/looking ahead….
December 29, 2010

As we come to the conclusion of one year and the start of another, what better time to ponder what has taken place while looking forward to what can be expected.

I am one that refuses to dwell upon the past and instead will expectantly look for the opportunities yet to come.  In the midst of this, I try to live this life to the fullest…making an impact in whatever way that presents itself.  Too often I see (and am sure you do as well) people who are living in the past, trying to change what has already occurred and if not that (or even sometimes along with that – ouch) there are those that spend so much time dreaming about what’s to come they just wait for something to happen.  For someone who has big dreams I know plenty about the delay that can come with everything unfolding…but that doesn’t mean we should be incapacitated until it does manifest.

With the end of 2010 approaching it has been obvious (to me at least) that this past year has been full of shifting and shaking.  SHIFT was the word that really resonated not just for me but also for society in general (see previous blog post from 1/18/2010 titled Happy New Year!!!).  We saw an economic shift, a shift in the makeup of America politically, the earth underwent a major seismic shift…just to name a few (and those alone were quite significant).  I know my life (and the lives of those around me) also experienced this as well.  In retrospect though these were all not just hard but I believe a necessary part of getting society to where we need to be.

Which leads me to 2011.  For me the coming year can be summed up in a word and that word is LAUNCH.  Again this can be applied many ways…launch out in a new endeavor, launch an offensive, launch like a rocket, etc.  The objective is to find how it fits personally and then collectively.  I am convinced that the new year will bring many fresh and exciting things to those who are positioned properly. 

That means have the right foundation (Jesus) and being devoted to advancing His kingdom, not your own.  This could be that moment when you begin to seek Him and His perfect plan for you.  Now that is something to launch…;-) a quest to know the savior for ALL mankind!! 

Whatever this coming year brings, I intend to live in a manner worthy of the calling I have in Christ Jesus the Lord and hope you do as well.


Pre-Election Prediction…
October 27, 2010

or prognostication or prophecy…call it what you want, but here is what will take place on Tuesday as we the people exercise our right (and responsiblity) to vote.

Much will be made of the “wave of change”, in reality though nothing will change. One side will claim this, while the other will rationalize that…

Make no mistake, we as a society will continue this back and forth until WE the people implement real change in our lives.

The political system is corrupt, government is NEVER going to fix things, and for us to think so is extremely foolish. At one time it may have been a vehicle to assist in that, but with the enormous amounts of money involved now, forget about it.

Let me give you an example of what I mean…here in the area I reside with my family there is a contest for the office of County Executive (which consists of being the overseer for 91 municipalities, cities with their own mayors/councils and such). In the course of this campaign the issue of speeding cameras has come up, with the Chief of the county police railing against one of the municipalities implementing them, part of his rational was that, “well sometimes people are running late for work” as though this is an acceptable reason to BREAK THE LAW. And what did we hear from the one who is ultimately this guys boss (the current County Executive, who is running for re-election)? Nothing…and the possible successor, his opponent in this election…ditto.

No politician is willing to stand for righteousness, unless they receive something in return…and that compromise isn’t something we can count on to get us back to the firm foundation this country was founded upon.

Does that mean it is a waste to exercise the right to vote? Aboslutely…NOT. For one, the amount of sacrifice that was given by others for us to have this right is enough to keep going. Combined with the fact that we will all be held accountable for how we lived this life, that should be enough motivation for everyone to get out and vote.

The key is how you should actually be thinking when you do vote…I firmly believe it is our responsiblity to vote based upon what is right period and that is where things get messy. Too many people are basing their decision on “electability” or deceptive promises of the candidate (and political party) that happen to touch upon beliefs that the person voting finds important. This, in my opinion, is because so many don’t have a real foundation for righteousness, their opinion is swayed by feelings and emotions primarily because there isn’t anything to hold fast to or they aren’t discerning enough to recognize the “fleecing”.

For me personally the process of voting has become quite simple, don’t listen to the rhetoric, but instead listen to the Creator. This way I KNOW I am doing what is right.

If you struggle with being able to hear or tell whether or not you are hearing Him let me know.