Here’s the solution…
January 22, 2011

If you are searching for answers to all the chaos and confusion that is so prevalent in our world today, there is hope!

Whether it is questions about all of the animals mysteriously dying, or the continued occurrences of violence taking place, or maybe the devastation of flooding/mudslides/earthquakes?  Don’t forget the looming economic collapse that is about to hit America.

We are in the midst of being judged for our turning from God.  After starting out with our eyes fixed on His plans and purposes for us as a nation, we have ignored every opportunity to follow His desires, and instead are going down the path of destruction which is always motivated by selfishness

If there is one quality our nation has embrace more than any other, it is the pursuit of our own desires (i.e. selfishness).  Desires for stuff (material possessions), pleasure (sexual lusts), indulgence (food and drink) are creating the dysfunction that comes with such pursuits.

We are reaping what we sow.

And this is just the tip of that iceberg…don’t forget our callousness toward the value of life (over 52 million wiped out, with the vast majority of them being ended due to the “inconvenience” they present).  It’s ironic how the “news” organizations have been woefully quiet about the “health clinic” in Pennsylvania where the butchering that happened is truly tragic.  Yet the outrage and media coverage that focuses on a deranged lunatic is on 24/7??

We are reaping what we sow.

All very sobering if you are willing to look at things taking place, but sadly most will brush aside.  Buying into the lie of people like Oprah or our current President and the rest who are selling a false meaning of hope. 

There is only one TRUE hope for us!  His name is Jesus and if people don’t turn to Him they will be sentenced for their rebellion.

This is your chance…cry out to Jesus, admit you have chased after the things of this world, sought joy and happiness in temporary pleasures, that you desire to be forgiven and want Him to save you.

It’s your only hope…