Have we missed another opportunity?

Lately my thoughts have been directed to the multiple times we receive instruction and yet are so quick to let it pass right on by.

The latest example that so clearly points this out, to me at least, is the issue with cicadas here in the heartland of America.  Over and over I am hearing people grumbling and complaining about this unique creation, and am reminded of the Israelites and their “journey”.  Everything that came their way they ultimately criticized instead of enjoying it somehow. 

My initial reaction was the same I must admit, but thank God that changed to an understanding that the sound they make and the general presence of something that most deem “gross” and “disgusting” is no different than how we fall into the trap of looking at people the same way…sure we don’t think that we do but this “lesson” shows that if we don’t embrace ALL of God’s creation then we can not truly love all that He loves. When we show disdain for His creation it represents a major insult to the Creator.

He has worked in me such an appreciation for this poor little insect that now I look forward to its songs of praise as much as anything.  Sitting on the deck today with the cicadas, birds and other assorted “worshippers” was a much more welcomed sound that the ones of man (and woman)…planes, trains and automobiles.

May our appreciation for all that God creates grow from this lesson and our way of looking at things be changed by this.



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