Year in review/looking ahead….

As we come to the conclusion of one year and the start of another, what better time to ponder what has taken place while looking forward to what can be expected.

I am one that refuses to dwell upon the past and instead will expectantly look for the opportunities yet to come.  In the midst of this, I try to live this life to the fullest…making an impact in whatever way that presents itself.  Too often I see (and am sure you do as well) people who are living in the past, trying to change what has already occurred and if not that (or even sometimes along with that – ouch) there are those that spend so much time dreaming about what’s to come they just wait for something to happen.  For someone who has big dreams I know plenty about the delay that can come with everything unfolding…but that doesn’t mean we should be incapacitated until it does manifest.

With the end of 2010 approaching it has been obvious (to me at least) that this past year has been full of shifting and shaking.  SHIFT was the word that really resonated not just for me but also for society in general (see previous blog post from 1/18/2010 titled Happy New Year!!!).  We saw an economic shift, a shift in the makeup of America politically, the earth underwent a major seismic shift…just to name a few (and those alone were quite significant).  I know my life (and the lives of those around me) also experienced this as well.  In retrospect though these were all not just hard but I believe a necessary part of getting society to where we need to be.

Which leads me to 2011.  For me the coming year can be summed up in a word and that word is LAUNCH.  Again this can be applied many ways…launch out in a new endeavor, launch an offensive, launch like a rocket, etc.  The objective is to find how it fits personally and then collectively.  I am convinced that the new year will bring many fresh and exciting things to those who are positioned properly. 

That means have the right foundation (Jesus) and being devoted to advancing His kingdom, not your own.  This could be that moment when you begin to seek Him and His perfect plan for you.  Now that is something to launch…;-) a quest to know the savior for ALL mankind!! 

Whatever this coming year brings, I intend to live in a manner worthy of the calling I have in Christ Jesus the Lord and hope you do as well.



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