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June 8, 2009

is the trait I am trying to grasp and make a dominate part of who I am.

For too long my life has been one of believing I am entitled to this or that and everything else (welcome to America). 

Now I am beginning to recognize that, while God has nothing but good in store for us, my life needs to be one of constant thankfulness and contentment…regardless of my circumstances.

To those of you reading this that have had to deal with my unappreciative moments, I apologize (and please forgive me).

Thanks be to God for…a wonderful wife, an incredible son, work that allows me to be free to spend time with my family and with You Lord, our home church that is a passionate place of worship and prayer, a place to live (in a really nice area to boot), food to always be able to eat when I/we desire, relationships with beautiful (not just on the outside) people, being part of a country that still allows freedom of speech/worship, transportation to get me/us from place to place, clothes for every occasion (and then some), provision (and grace) to open this home to others (for fellowship, growth, or because they have nowhere else to turn), a healthy life, a strong and active mind, and most of all – for Your unmatched forgiveness and mercy.

This is by no means an exhaustive list (at least in my mind)…I hope it will convey not only how good I have it, but also how grateful I am.