Words we use…

are so important, yet we continue to misuse or allow them to used in a manner that “cheapens” them.  For example…

The previous post (Just wondering…) will probably be viewed by many as being void of “LOVE”, since we have made that word to reflect the ooey-gooey feeling-based descriptor that it now is.  In reality, true “LOVE” is willing to say the hard things, speak truth where there isn’t any spoken and to risk it all in order to do the right thing.

Or what about “Christian”?  This has become the default word for those looking to describe their beliefs, yet most that do describe themselves this way have some sort of twisted view of what this actually means.  The reality is that anyone proclaiming to be a follower of Christ (“Christian”) must have a commitment to life, first and foremost – since He is the Creator of ALL lives.  More to come on this at a later time.

One of my favorites is “homophobe/homophobic”.  Do those that use this so liberally realize that when broken down this would mean a fear of homosexuals/homosexuality?  I will NEVER be afraid of a homosexual, but am definitely against the unnatural, deviant behavior of same-sex relationships.  So if you are going to label me…use the right words!

There are definitely more, but that should suffice for now.


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